The submission of articles and review process will follow the rules mentioned below. The submission of an article thus implies that the Authors are aware of the rules and fully accept them.


1- Submission procedures

All articles are to be submitted on-line using the system provided.
(On-line Articles Submission)

Authors will provide an electronic manuscript in .doc (MSW) or .odt (OpenOffice) format.

Images and other graphic materials are to be mentioned in the text in their right place (with captions) but originals of photographs, images, charts, tables, etc. must be uploaded in a .zip or .rar file. Images must be at least 300 dpi and in grey-scale.

Articles may be submitted at any time. The IJHSD will determine the order of publishing in accordance with the thematic coherence of each issue of the Journal. Proper information concerning the publication of articles will be provided to Authors in due course of time.

Articles sent via e.mail or post will not be considered.

2- Peer-review procedures

All submitted articles will be peer-reviewed (double-blind review will apply).

Referees are listed in the website.

(Editorial Board)

Members of the Editorial Board are academics and experts with relevant CVs and experience in reviewing scientific articles. Members of the Editorial Board will follow a set of criteria for assessing submitted articles and will provide a suggestion of:

- "Approval as is";

- "Approval subject to minor changes";

- "Approval subject to major changes";

- "Rejection".

If changes are to be made, referees will provide a list of minor/major changes considered essential for approval. Both assessments and suggestions will be provided to Authors.

When an article is graded differently (with significant discrepancies) by the two appointed referees, a third assessment will be in order. If a conclusive opinion may not be reached, the Scientific Advisory Board will be asked for a final decision.

3- Originality

Only original articles, resulting from original research work, will be considered. Authors are responsible for co-authorship statement (if and when necessary) and for the originality of submitted articles.

Plagiarism will be the responsibility of Authors, despite the fact the Journal will try to prevent it by all possible means.

All opinions and statements produced in published articles are the Author's responsibility.

4- Corresponding Author and Co-Authors

For each article submitted one Corresponding Author must be indicated.

Co-Authors are also accepted. However, scientific responsibility and liability for the submitted article lies with the Correspondent Author.

5- Article copyrights

By submitting an article Authors expressly authorise its publication in the Journal and pass the authorship rights to the Publisher.

The Publisher is permitted to publish (printed and on-line), advertise and sell the Journal without further authorisation from the Authors.

Green Lines Institute for Sustainable Development will defend article against plagiarism and copyright infringement, and to that end, Green Lines Institute for Sustainable Development shall take all reasonable steps to act against unauthorised replication of an article in part or in whole.

Green Lines Institute for Sustainable Development will also declare maintenance of the integrity of an article, that is a definitive, citeable, permanent and secure record of an article accessible in perpetuity.

TThe Publisher will also supply definitive information on how to cite the article in both print an on-line formats.

Authors will need written permission from Green Lines Institute for Sustainable Development in the following cases:
a) Inclusion of an article in a course pack for onward sale by a third party e.g. the library of an author's institution;
b) Distribution in print or electronic form by any third party such as a website, listserv, content aggregator, or conference organiser;
c) Distribution in print or electronic form to the commercial benefit of an author, an author's institution or employer, or a third party.