IJHSD aims at publishing original scientific contributes in the field of heritage and sustainable development, making these two sometimes separated subjects a common object of analysis and research.

There is already a number of highly prestigious Journals and similar publications on heritage and on sustainability - nevertheless, IJHSD core and innovative subject is the deep relationship between the two.
The conceptual basis upon which this Journal stands is precisely that: heritage is/will not be relevant without sustainability. There is no such thing as "sustainability" without proper care and proper use of heritage, reason why IJHSD seeks for original contributions from academics, scholars and researchers who pursue a broad perspective on the subject, placing heritage and sustainability as the focus of their research.

Normally the IJHSD will publish one issue each year but special issues may also be published as a result of workshops or seminars organised in the specific field of heritage and sustainable development. Thematic issues may also be published, under a focused editorial orientation.