The International Journal of Heritage and Sustainable Development is willing to accept applications for the Editoral Board subject to the following conditions:

1- Referees' profile

Candidates must be academics, scholars or researchers with a significant CV and specific expertise in the following topics:

- Heritage and sustainable economics;

- Heritage and governance for sustainable development;

- Sustainable preservation of natural heritage;

- Sustainable preservation of cultural heritage;

- Heritage and communities' development;

- Heritage and sustainable tourism;

- Sustainable preservation of built heritage.

2- Submission of applications

Candidates must fill all the fields in the on-line form provided and submit a .pdf file (other type of files are not accepted) with a detailed and comprehensive CV written in standard english. Submission of CV's in other languages is not accepted.

The submitted CV must highlight the experience of the candidate according to the aims and scope of IJHSD and the topics mentioned above.

3- Applications evaluation

Submitted applications will be subject to the IJHSD Director's and Editor-in-Chief's evaluation and decision will be taken according to the following criteria, if necessary under the advice of the Scientific Advisory Board.

- Scientific and academic profile of the candidate on the subject of Heritage;

- Effective expertise on the topics above;

- Experience as a referee;

- Other relevant items of the Candidate’s CV not mentioned above.

Candidates will be informed personally on the IJHSD decision regarding the final selection.

4- Privacy

The submitted applications will be kept in privacy and strict confidence of the IJHSD. Identities of non accepted candidates will be kept in confidence.

5- Future calls for referees

Submitted applications and CV documents will be kept and considered for future calls for referees. Selected authors will be requested to update their personal information and CV.

6- Disclaimer

Despite the ongoing Call for Referees, the IJHSD remains free to invite members for the Editorial Board

Application Form

In order to submit your application, please fill in the on-line form provided and upload a .pdf file with your full and detailed CV.
Please note that other type of files will not be accepted by the on-line submission system.
IMPORTANT: Files size is restricted to 20 Mb.


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